Zoe Friday February 8, 2008
You sent me a shirt that I ordered at Temple Beth Elohim a few months ago 11-4-07 and I have been really enjoying it! thank you!
Leslie Friday February 8, 2008
We LOVE the shirt and the headband !!! We ended up giving it all to her tonight since we had her family party tonight, and honestly I couldn't wait until Tuesday !!! Everyone loved it and thought it was so beautiful !! Thank you so much for making such a spectacular birthday gift for Madison......I can already tell it is her new favorite shirt !!
Karen Monday January 7, 2008
The shirt arrived in perfect time. Amy loved it. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful business relationship.
Liz Friday January 4, 2008
Hi Marcy:
Your shirt was a real hit with the girl I bought it for and we definitely went with the right size - it fit her perfectly! Both she and her mum loved it, especially the penguin at the bottom. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it, but also the flexibility with my wacky schedule.

Happy New Year!
Dorothy Saturday December 22, 2007
Hi Marcy,

I picked up my yoga outfit. I'm so pleased with how it came outl! It fits perfectly, too. Thanks very much. I'm eager to wear it, and expect to get lots of compliments on it!

Thank you
Adam Tuesday November 6, 2007
received the apron today and just wanted to say thanks for a great product and wonderful service.
Trish Sunday October 14, 2007
I got the shirt today it was in my mailbox since yesterday and I LOVE it! I can hardly wait to wear it to a show. You did a fabulous job, thanks so much.
Anissa Tuesday October 9, 2007
Hi Marcy,

Thank you so much for the custom tank top! It is sooo lovely! I am going to frame it and hang it in my office. Thanks again:

Best Regards,

Leora Sunday October 7, 2007
Marce -
I got onto the site! Pretty amazing what you're doing. You are still an inspiration to me!
Christy Saturday September 29, 2007
Hi Super-Nice Marcy,
Thank you so much.. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! In fact, I am wearing it right now.. Just can't wait any longer to put such a special shirt on.. Love the color and design.. Thank you. You are so nice... Maybe you will see me later in the T-Shirt..
Erica Thursday September 27, 2007
So cute! I got the shirt today. It is Fab-o! Love it. It looks great with the skirt. I'll send you a picture of Audra in it when she has her party in December.
Thanks Again!!!

Rebekah Wednesday September 19, 2007
I love my 'Sheket' shirt. None of my friends realize it is a hebrew word meaning to be quiet. When I wore it to camp everyone loved it!!
Julie R Wednesday September 19, 2007
Hi Marcy,

I wanted to take the time to let you know that my girls ABSOLUTELY LOVE their T-Shirts. The quality is second to none! After many washings they still look as good as the day I received them.

My best to you and yours,

Julie R
From : Naomi Wednesday June 27, 2007
Hi Marcy,
It came today and it is adorable! The colors are awesome...You rock! Thanks so much. I can't wait to meet my new niece and give it to her!
Thanks again!
From: Karen F Wednesday June 27, 2007
I love the pink shayna punim dress I bought at the Holiday Marketplace craft fair at Temple Isaiah.
From: Judith C Wednesday June 27, 2007
It arrived yesterday, and is so cute! I love the red on the pink!! Love it!

Thank you so much - you are the best! And Georgia Rose and Lucy Beth have been wearing their new shirts and getting lots of positive feedback (I need to grab some of your business cards to keep with me so I can give them to folks when they ask!)

From: Pauline Friday April 27, 2007
Just wanted to let you know, that I have been wearing the tank you gave me for my birthday...and I absolutely love it....the tank you chose is so comfortable. Girl, you know waz up!
love ya,

From: Sam R Tuesday March 27, 2007
Thanks so much for the shirt! I know my friend is gonna love it! oh, I also wanted to mention that the ring and belt I bought were a total hit for my sister's birthday, so thanks so much! please email me next time you'll be on campus.

From: Joanne Tuesday March 27, 2007
Thanks again for the gorgeous scarves. They were a big hit with all of the kids at the party (and Moms)! Even the "big boys" were wearing them at the party. They were absolutely perfect! Also, I saw the article in Newton magazine - good for you! That should drum up some business. Thanks again...see you around...
From: Tricia W Tuesday February 27, 2007
LOVE them...just tried them on - fit great! Thanks again Marcy - keep in touch as I have many friends who will love your T's too!

Thanks Marcy! I just LOVE your t-shirts!

From: Claire Monday February 26, 2007
Well Ava really loves the shirt! She's wearing it right now! Thanks for the cleaning instructions! Yes it does sparkle too!! Its great thank you again! Have a great eve.
From: Dyan Saturday January 27, 2007
Wow!! I LOVE MY SHIRT!!!! Itís so cute. I canít wait to wear it. Much Thanks.
From: Alycia Wednesday December 27, 2006
Thank You so much!
My sister in law Loved it.I'll definitely be ordering more in the future.
Happy New Year,
From: Naomi H Wednesday December 27, 2006
Hi Marcy,
Thank you so much for getting me the "shayna punim" and "got gelt?" shirts so quickly! They were a huge hit!
I would like to place another order of the Shayna punim for my other niece (after the holidays). Do you do baby sizes?
From: Michelle Wednesday December 20, 2006
From: Sylvia A Tuesday November 7, 2006
Got it before noon and it is beautiful!!!
Thanks ssssssoooooo sssssoooooooo mucccchhhhhh